You need a great criminal appellate lawyer who can help you overturn your conviction, vacate your plea or file your motion for post-conviction relief. Attorney Jason T. Forman, a former prosecutor, has over 24 years of experience in criminal law and criminal appeals. Read the glowing reviews from some of our former clients!   Mr. Forman is the attorney that you need to put you in the best position to win. He has personally handled hundreds of combined criminal appeals, petitions and post-conviction motions all over the State of Florida. Mr. Forman handles all State and Federal criminal appeals, including post-conviction motions and Federal Habeas Petitions under 2254 and 2255. His practice is composed of 99% criminal appeals and post-conviction matters!

Because Mr. Forman also has vast experience representing clients with pending criminal cases, he will sometimes handle pending criminal cases on a select basis, especially after having been granted a new trial. By having his “ear to the ground”, this helps Mr. Forman keep informed of the nuances that can only be learned by actually being in court. Unlike other criminal appellate lawyers, Mr. Forman’s ability to handle a criminal trial and engage in extensive pre-trial motion litigation enhances his appellate skills.  This dual ability makes Mr. Forman unique and unlike most other criminal appellate lawyers who have never actually tried a criminal case.

Past Case Results

See how an experienced lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing!

Since opening his firm over 21 years, Mr. Forman has represented a diverse group of clients. He has even represented other lawyers! Some former clients include:

  • 1970’s worldwide celebrity/pop star (criminal)
  • Criminal defense lawyers (criminal related & appeal)
  • Son of a prosecutor (criminal)
  • Son of a circuit court judge (criminal & appeal)
  • Wife of a police legal adviser (criminal)
  • Law enforcement officer (criminal)
  • Teachers (criminal)
  • NBA player’s family members (criminal)

Although the firm exclusively handles criminal appeals and post-conviction matters, there are times when Mr. Forman was asked to help in other matters, such as when a circuit court judge hired Mr. Forman to help him get a variance for his house, or when some assistants to local judges needed help in other civil matters. Regardless of the situation or who you are, Mr. Forman will help you get the best possible result!  Call today at 954-527-5557 to speak to Mr. Forman and see how he can help you.


Choosing the Right Criminal Appellate Lawyer

There are several ways to help you decide who you should hire to represent you for your criminal appeal or post-conviction matter. Simply put, experience and reputation counts. Let’s face it, some lawyers are just better than others. Criminal appellate lawyers have to be able to identify hidden issues or issues that the trial lawyers missed at trial. This critical skill is only gained from experience and a vast knowledge of criminal law – a skill that Mr. Forman excels.

A perfect example of this took place in Duval County when Mr. Forman was able to overturn a second degree murder conviction because he realized that the client was essentially convicted of a non-existent form of murder.  Neither the judge, the prosecutor, nor defense counsel realized this critical error. Mr. Forman discovered the grave mistake, raised it on direct appeal as a claim of fundamental error, and the murder conviction was reversed. His sentence was reduced by 17 years and he is now out of prison!

To be sure, a skilled criminal appellate lawyer must be able to find a needle in the haystack. Another example of this critical skill took place when Mr. Forman was able to overturn a thirty year prison sentence simply because the trial court used the word “and” instead of “or” in a self-defense jury instruction.  This error was overlooked by the trial judge, the prosecutor and defense counsel.  Mr. Forman found this error, raised it on appeal and convinced the appellate court to give his client a new trial.

Once again, this critical skill can only be gained through experience. You should be looking for a criminal appellate lawyer who exclusively handles these matters. Be wary of lawyers who handle all types of matters in different areas. They are often “a jack of all trades, a master of none.”  Few lawyers specialize solely in criminal appeals and post-conviction matters.  Most simply handle these matters while also handling a variety of other cases.  Simply search their websites carefully and you will see that criminal appeals are simply one of the many areas of their practice.

Look for a lawyer who exclusively handles criminal appeals, has personally handled hundreds of criminal appeals, and has been been practicing law for at least 20 years. With over 24 years of experience, Mr. Forman has gained the experience to help you get the best possible result. Convincing an appellate court to reverse a conviction is an extremely difficult task.  The lawyer you choose may make the difference between winning or losing. Call us now at 954-527-5557 to see if we can assist you with your case. You may also see what some of our former clients have to say about the firm.  Take a look at some actual testimonials from REAL former clients who either had a criminal appellate matter or a criminal case. Click here to read testimonials and see for yourself  how highly we are regarded!