My son was charged with a first degree felony and sentenced to 15 years in prison. The whole case was a total disaster and essentially I had given up hope that anything could be done to give my son his life back. Since I do not live in Florida and I was not familiar with the attorneys down there, Jason was highly recommended to us by another attorney who represented my son at one point to handle our appeal. I was skeptical at first but after speaking to Jason, only over the phone, I felt confident that Jason would fight for my son. What I especially like about Jason is that he does not give you false hope, never sugar coats anything, is brutally honest and he is always accessible by email or phone no matter what day or time you reach out to him and he always responds promptly. Because of Jason we won the appeal and my son’s sentence was reversed and remanded to go before another judge. We still have to bring the matter to a conclusion but no matter what the outcome, I have complete faith and trust that Jason will not give up until we get the result we are praying for! I have been a legal assistant for over 23 years and worked for criminal attorneys but Jason is by far one of the most honest, forthright and diligent attorneys I know. Do not think twice about hiring Jason Forman. You will not be disappointed!!