Jason Forman is a truly amazing attorney! I was given 15 years in prison because of errors made by my previous attorney, while my 7 co-defendents received probation. I hired Mr. Forman for my appeal and he was simply amazing!  He had the ability to win my appeal and get back my life!  I then hired him to take care of a case where I was supposed to do 3 years probation before being sentenced to the 15 years in prison. He recognized the fact that the sentence should have been ran concurrently with the 15 sentence, yet another error by the other attorney.  Amazingly, he was also able to have the probation terminated after serving only one month.  He was there for me the whole time and always took the time to explain things to me.  He explained everything that I didn’t understand, as well as the different possible outcomes. It took nothing short of a miracle for Jason to make all of those things happen.  I am forever grateful for his hard work, determination, and skill. Thank you Jason!!