Jason Forman is hands-down the best attorney I’ve ever met. I was charged with one count of Grand Theft over $100K, a first degree felony. After hiring not one, but TWO failed attorneys who basically did nothing for me and ran off with the fees, I was given 10 years in prison. After losing my post-conviction and spending two years behind bars, I was desperate. My family and I started looking for an attorney who was actually winning appeals, not just someone who had a big name. That’s how we found Jason. His name stood out on many appeals in the Fourth DCA that had been decided in his favor. So we hired him. He went over my entire case with a fine-tooth comb, and lo and behold he found a needle in a haystack. What he did with my case was truly nothing short of a miracle. To make a long story short, I’m no longer incarcerated. If it wasn’t for Jason, I would still have 5 1/2 years left to go. But I’m home with my children and family… free as a bird. If you want a lawyer who will truly work for you and treat you with respect, Jason Forman is the one you’re looking for.