I reside in Ohio and hired Jason Forman by telephone to represent my son who was in Fort Lauderdale for drug rehab. My son had been arrested for burglary for the second time while out on bond. He had relapsed and was living on the street. He was incarcerated with no bond facing several felony charges and possible prison. He was a drug addict that committed crimes to support his addiction. I interviewed several attorneys by phone and hired Jason Forman based on my feelings that he was the best attorney to represent him. After a few months in jail waiting for the case to resolve, my son was released with no more additional jail time and simply probation and no felony conviction. Jason conducted depositions and filed a motion to suppress evidence, which led to the prosecutor offering a great deal instead of prison. Jason always responded to my questions quickly throughout this process. Being from Ohio, I had a lot of questions. He even assisted in helping with holding all of my sons personal belongings that were going to be disposed of by the jail because they only hold these items for a short period. The jail time was very good for fighting my sons drug addiction. With release from jail, he has returned to rehab with a very positive attitude. Thanks Jason!