My name is JR. I am writing this review to inform you how great of an attorney Jason Forman is. There is so much to say, but I will keep this brief. First and foremost, do your research on the background history of the attorney and the attorney’s outcome of cases. This is how I came across Jason Forman, after numerous hours of me and my family searching. In 2015, I lost trial in Duval County, Fl. To (Count 1) Conspiracy to commit armed robbery and (Count 2) 2nd Degree Felony Murder. I was later sentenced to 15 years (Count 1) and 22 years (Count 2).

I immediately filed for an appeal and began looking for an Appeal Specialist. Notice the Appeal Specialist Part! There are so many attorneys out there that paint that perfect picture, as my first trial lawyer did. Jason spent a lot of time talking with my family and myself, which caught my attention. Most attorneys out there are very short, that’s even if you actually get to talk to them, instead of their associate. He always answered any questions, returned calls, and emails (immediately). He kept me updated, which can be hard (due to me being incarcerated). He never gave false hope or sold me a dream to say…Just FACTS!

So Jason filed my direct appeal arguing four very strong issues. With me working in the Law library at my institution, I researched how strong the case law was supporting what Jason was arguing in the Appeal. Well, the State comes back saying they concede to Fundamental error on (Count 2) Felony Murder. But (Count 1), the Conspiracy offense stays intact. With the Felony Murder conviction now reversed, I still had a 15 year sentence. That’s where Jason once again showed his skills, fought on my behalf and got my sentence reduced to 5 years (DOC). I will be home in a few months!  Now, with that being said, I also want to tell you my mother can be quite persistent and Jason had nothing but patience with her. So, I wish to whoever reads this, Good Luck! Keep your head up and never give up. Jason is highly recommended and experienced… beyond the Best!