I was introduced to Jason over a telephone while I was sitting in prison.  I was 21 years old with a release date of 2023. I knew good things were going to come with Jason working on my case. He filed my direct appeal to the 4th dca and represented me for oral arguments to the 4th dca. The appeal was denied.  Persistent in his work, Jason didn’t stop with the denial.  He stayed in contact with me while I was locked away and told me that he was working on it from the inside. It seemed like nothing was getting done, but he was apparently working behind the scenes. I was working on being patient. Then he filed a motion to mitigate my sentence which got me back in front of a judge. There didn’t seem to be any hope, but Jason got me a chance of possibly being released. After sitting in county jail, my sentence was reduced and my new release date was in 2016.  Jason got my sentenced reduced by 7 years!  It would not have been possible without Jason on my side. I was recently released and now able to move on with my life.