Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for Jason Forman representing our son and giving him back the life he deserved. “Thank You, Jason”. Our son was arrested in Duval County for Conspiracy to commit armed robbery (Count 1) and 2nd degree Felony Murder (Count 2). After hiring an attorney which basically took our money, we knew we had to look for the Best Appeal Specialist. After numerous days of searching, we ran across Jason Forman. We did some research on his knowledge, Appeals won, and criminal Law experience along with quite a few others. He had the best reviews and knowledge of criminal law and Criminal Appeals. We contacted him, and he was very impressing. We knew we had found the Best.

Jason filed our son’s direct appeal, arguing four strong issues. The court found Fundamental error. Our son was convicted of a non-existent form of murder. (Count 2) The (Count one) was still intact. My son still had the 15 year Conspiracy charge, but the Felony murder was reversed. Then Jason once again used his vast knowledge of criminal Law and got my son’s sentence reduced to 5 years, months short of time served. My son will be home shortly. Our Lives can be complete again!

He went over everything he found and how he was going to present this case to us, and my son in prison. Before doing any filing we both got copies of his proceedings. He was always there for us, and my son for any questions, and concerns. He answered phone calls promptly (with a very short time), along with any concerns, and questions. Our emails were returned shortly! He had so much patience with us and showed his dedication and understanding of the stress we were all under. He made us feel like we were his only client, although he was dealing with numerous more.

There are so many attorneys out there, which promise you, they can resolve everything…but do nothing but harm you. Jason will not promise you anything he doesn’t believe he can do. But he has his own theories of how he can approach your case and will give you his full dedication. I cannot thank Jason enough for giving my son back the life he deserves. There are no words that can express our gratitude and thanks. All we can say is Jason Forman is the BEST Appeal Specialist and Criminal Appeal attorney. If you are searching for the best, look no further. He will always be recommended from us!
Thanks So Much Jason, Our son will be home soon, and we owe it all to you!
Mark and Cathy