Choosing the right criminal appeals lawyer to handle your appeal or motion for post-conviction relief is often a difficult choice. Unfortunately, unsuspecting clients often a hire lawyer who does not handle criminal appeals exclusively or worse, they hire an appellate lawyer who simply is unable to find the proper issues. It is amazing how many appellate lawyers simply fail to identify errors that took place at trial.

With over 22 years of experience handling criminal appeals, attorney Jason T. Forman knows how to handle even the most difficult and complex criminal cases. His vast knowledge of criminal law helps him identity issues that other lawyers, and even judges, do not recognize. There is no simply no substitute for experience, intelligence and the desire to win.  In fact, Mr. Forman is a lawyer that other criminal defense lawyers call when they have a question! Call 954-527-5557 today to speak to Mr. Forman and see how he can assist you.

How We Succeed

We begin the process by speaking to the client.  Mr. Forman has developed a successful and efficient process in handling appeals and post-conviction matters.  However, this process does not work without the active participation of the client.  Mr. Forman understands that the client will be familiar with his or her case and will be able to provide valuable insight that can be used. Only a foolish lawyer would think that the client’s input is unnecessary.

Since almost all appellate and post-conviction clients are incarcerated in prison, active communication with the client is done by telephone and via mail.  Our client’s input is critical in drafting the briefs or motions, which will only be submitted with prior approval by the client.  This teamwork is the backbone of our success.  Of course, some clients simply choose to allow Mr. Forman to handle the matter, knowing they are in capable hands of a highly skilled and well respected lawyer! Either way, you are the captain of the ship. Call us today at 954-527-5557 to speak to Mr. Forman and see how he can help you!